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Welcome to LPOSD Nutrition Services Department!

Good nutrition is the key to good mental and physical health. Eating a balanced diet is an important part of good health for everyone. The kind and amount of food you eat affects the way you feel, learn and how your body works.

We proudly serve nutritious breakfast and lunch meals every school day. We serve supper at both Farmin and Kootenai Elementary's Afterschool Programs. We offer a free Summer Meals Program at a variety of locations throughout the community, funded by a USDA Grant.  Our school meals meet all federal and state standards and requirements of the National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast Program, Supper Program and Summer Meals Programs which are based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines School meals offer students low fat milk varieties, fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains. We meet all the current standards which include age appropriate calories, strict limits on saturated fats, no trans fats allowed, sodium limits, whole grains only, larger servings and varieties of fruits and vegetables, variety of vegetable color category requirements and we purchase  as local as possible, whenever possible.

We partner with our School Gardens to Cafeteria Program to grow, harvest, prepare and serve fresh produce when available to serve in our school meal programs

Department Staff

Bobbie Coleman
(208) 265-1569 ext. 1120

Tammy Williams
(208) 265-1567 ext. 1121

Kitchen Managers

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         Free/Reduced Meal Information

Has your family experienced a recent event or change that has reduced your household's income? Your child's school may be able to help! You may be able to apply for the free or reduced-price school breakfast or lunch program at any time during the school year. Additionally, those who qualified for either free or reduced lunches, will also will also qualify for the breakfast meal.

How To Apply

How and when can you apply? You may apply at any time during the school year by contacting your child's school office or your cafeteria to obtain an application. Or, simply click on the following links below, print application and complete. You may either deliver completed application to any LPOSD school cafeteria, drop off or mail to: Child Nutrition Admin Office 1520 Baldy Mountain Rd Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

(For additional information and charging procedures, please click here.)

Food Allergies?

If your child has a food allergy that we should be aware of, please print and have your child's physician fill out the Food Allergy Medical Statement form and send it to your child's school cafeteria.

Nutrition Resource Links

Mealtime Online Payment Fee Information
The financial institution that manages our Mealtime online payment transactions requires a minimum payment of $20.00 per transaction when using your debit or credit card to pay online.  The minimum $20.00 payment can be split between miltiple student accounts in any given household.

A 4.9% credit card convenience surcharge fee is applied to each payment transaction.  This fee is not charged by nor is it received by the school district.  It is a financial transaction charged by the banks for the convenvience of using a credit card and transferring funds electronically from your account to the financial institution and then onto your students Mealtime account.   4.9% on each $20.00 payment is .98 cents. 

Meal account payments can be made online using a debit or credit card or in person, in the school cafeteria using cash or check.  

  Smart Snack Information

Use the calculator below and take the guesswork out of nutrition guidelines with the new Alliance Product Calculator for Smart Snack! Simply enter the product information, answer a few questions and determine whether your beverage, snack, side or entree item meets the new USDA Smart Snacks in School guidelines.

  Smart Snack Calculator

Meal Prices 2018-2019

  Breakfast Lunch
K-6 $1.80 $2.90
7-12 $1.95 $3.05
Reduced $0.30 $0.40
Adults $2.55 $3.85
Student 2nd Meal $2.55 $3.85
Milk $0.50 $0.50

Monthly Menu and Menu Carbohydrate Content

MonthBase Menu
November SMS Menu November SMS Menu 
November SMS Carbohydrate Count November SMS Carbohydrate Count 
November SHS/LPO Menu November SHS/LPO Menu 
November SHS/LPO Carbohydrate Count November SHS/LPO Carbohydrate Count 
November K-6 Menu November K-6 Menu 
November K-5 Carbohydrate Count November K-5 Carbohydrate Count 
November Grade 6 Carbohydrate Count November Grade 6 Carbohydrate Count 
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Mission Statement

   To advocate optimal health and to improve nutritional status of all students by providing high quality nutritional         meals which promote life-long healthful living and enhance learning abilities.

Department Objectives:

  • Ensure that all students have access to the child nutrition meal program.
  • Provide high quality, nutritionally balanced, palatable foods at an affordable price.
  • Serve food that is safe and wholesome which has been stored and prepared according to proper food handling and sanitation procedures.
  • Promote a pleasant, enjoyable, and clean eating environment for students, faculty, parents and community members.
  • Encourage and promote student nutrition education and coordinate food service programs with classroom instruction in order to support the district's educational programs as appropriate to enhance the school experience for students.
  • Provide leadership for the child nutrition meal programs through advocacy, assistance and administration.
  • Function under sound principles and good business management adhering to all local, state and federal regulation guidelines.

Wellness Policy