Dignity and Respect

The following tips highlight how we can incorporate acts of dignity and respect in everything we do. By practicing a tip a week, we can all work to achieve a more inclusive community for our district.

 Week 1: Sweat the Small Stuff - It is often the small things, such as being kind and courteous, that makes a difference.

9/16/13 Week 2: Smile - A smile can be contagious. Positivity

9/23/13 Week 3: Be Considerate - Your words and actions affect others. Empathy

9/30/13 Week 4: Say Hello - You could make somone's day. Friendliness

10/7/13 Week 5: Say Thank You - Gratitude is a gift that's never too small to give.
10/14/13 Week 6: Reinvent the Wheel Do something that hasn't already been done. Uniqueness, Innovation

10/21/13 Week 7: Be Open Try to experience new thoughts and ideas as learning opportunities. Think outside the box.

10/28/13 Week 8: Be Flexible Things don't always go as planned. Adapt to changing conditions when necessary.

 Week 9: Join the Team Do your part to support teamwork.

11/11/13 Week 10: Be a Relationship Builder See ways to expand your network.

11/18/13 Week 11: Treat Others the Way They Want To Be Treated Find out what respect means to others.

11/25/13 Week 12: Be Culturally Competent Differences are barriers only if we allow them to be.

  Week 13: Break the Ice Start a converstation with somone new.

12/9/13 Week 14: Demonstate Mutual Respect Inclusion means being respectful regardless of position or title. Inclusion vs. Exclusion

12/16/13 Week 15: Ask It's OK to ask when you're not sure. Assertiveness

   Week 16: Find Common Ground - Discover what you have in common.

1/13/14  Week 17: Communicate Respectfully It's not just what you say, but how you say it.

1/20/14  Week 18: Practice Patience Take time to get the full story.

1/27/14 Week 19: Seek Understanding - It's better to not fully understand than to fully misunderstand.

   Week 20: Share Your Point of View Everyone has a perspective. Let others benefit from yours.

2/10/14 Week 21: Get Someone Else's Point of View After sharing your perspective, give others a chance to share theirs.

2/17/14 Week 22: Lead the Way Let your inclusive behavior light a path for others.

2/24/14 Week 23: Do the Right Thing Be Fair. Integrity and Fairness

   Week 24: LIsten People feel respected when they know you are listening to their point of view. Active Listening, Communications Skills

3/10/14 Week 25: Remember - We all Make Mistakes Resist the urge to point out the ones others make. Empathy and Respect

3/17/14 Week 26: Get Involved Make a difference. Get caught being good. Community Service

3/24/14 Week 27: Become a Mentor - Yes, you can help others realize their potential. Peer Mentoring

 Week 28: Take a Healthy Step Do something healthy for your health and encourage a friend to join you.

4/14/14 Week 29: Lend a Hand A little help can go a long way. Helping Others

4/21/14 Week 30: Be a Champion of Dignity and Respect Encourage others to do the same.
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