3rd Grade Units Overview

Mini-Unit:  Communities

Time frame:  2 weeks at the beginning of school year

Reading Street story:  Boom Town (1.1) (590L)

                                     Genre: Historical fiction                                               

Related topics:  building classroom community, what does it take to make a community?, beginnings, historical context during the gold rush and westward expansion

Unit 1: Stories Worth Telling Again and Again (CC Curriculum Maps Unit 1)

            Grandparent stories and Cultural/ trickster tales

Time frame: 5- 6 weeks

Reading Street Stories: Tops and Bottoms (2.4) (580L)

                                            Genre:  Animal Fantasy

                                        Grandfather’s Journey (4th grade 1.3)  (650L)

                                                 Genre:  Historical Fiction     

Novel:  Stone Fox  (550)

            Genre:  Fiction


Related topics: telling stories from personal experiences and writing narratives and Native American stories

Unit 2: Inspired by the Sea/ (CC Curriculum Maps Unit 2)

Nature, Animal and plant adaptation

Time frame:  6 weeks

Reading Street Stories:   Symphony of Whales (3.4) (460L)

                                             Genre: Fiction          

                                      Adelina’s Whales (4th grade 3.2) (1080L)

                                             Genre: Expository Nonfiction                  

                                      Penguin Chicks (2.1) (450L)

                                             Genre: Expository Nonfiction     

                                      Night Letters (3.3) (

                                             Genre:  Realistic fiction


Related topics:  life science topics: ecosystems, adaptation, appreciation, ocean life, Polar Regions, animal tracks

Unit 3: Creative, Inventive, and Notable People (CC Curriculum Maps Unit 3)

Time frame: 6 weeks

Reading Street Stories:  America’s Champion Swimmer: Gertrude Ederle (4.4)

                                             Genre:  Biography         (                                         

                                       Amelia and Eleanor Go For a Ride (4th grade, 5.3)

                                              Genre: Historical fiction                                                   

                                      Talking Walls: Art for the People (6.3)

                                               Genre:  Photo Essay                                                    

                                      Me and Uncle Romie (5.5)

                                                 Genre:  Realistic fiction


Related topics:  Biographies of famous athletes, artists, musicians, inventors,

The science of flight, time-line of flight or inventions in general

Civil rights, prejudice and discrimination (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday) for minorities including women (This is a common theme among all the stories and leveled readers.)

Unit 4:  The People, the Preamble, and the Presidents (CC Curriculum Maps Unit 4)

Time Frame: 6 weeks

Reading Street Stories:  So You Want to be President (4th grade 2.5)

                                        Genre:  Expository Nonfiction       

                                         The Story of the Statue of Liberty (6.1)

                                         Genre:  Narrative nonfiction            

                                         Suki’s Kimono (5.1)

                                         Genre: Realistic fiction                         

                                         Good-Bye, 382 Shin Dang Dong (5.3)

                                          Genre:  Realistic fiction


(How My Family lives in America (5.2) would also fit with the theme of immigration and cultures)

Related Topics: Presidents, early America, Immigration, Ellis Island, Cultures (Asia- Japan and Korea)

*According to the CC Curriculum Maps units, William’s House fits in this Unit.  This would take the unit study into colonial times.

Unit 5: A Feast of Words on a Planet Called Earth- and Beyond (CC Curriculum Maps Unit 5)

Time Frame: 6 weeks

Reading Street Stories:  Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest (4.2)

                                         Genre:  Expository Nonfiction

                                         Volcanoes: Nature’s Incredible Fireworks (3.5)

                                         Genre:  Expository Nonfiction (3.5)

                                          Rocks in His Head (4.3)

                                          Genre:  Biography

                                          Moonwalk (4th grade 5.5)

                                          Genre:  Science Fiction


(Instead of The Search for Delicious)   Jalapeno Bagels (5.4)

                                          Genre:  Realistic Fiction                                         

Related Topics:  Geology science topics: water, weather, volcanoes, rocks and minerals

Astronomy: solar system

In the CC Curriculum Maps book, this unit dives into figurative language- good place for poetry study.


Unit 6:  Fantastic Adventures with Dragons, Gods, and Giants (CC Curriculum Maps Unit 6)

Time Frame: 2-3 weeks

Reading Street Stories:  Pushing Up the Sky (3.2)

                                       Genre: Myth/ Play

                                        Wings (4.1)

                                        Genre: Fantasy