What we do?

The Lake Pend Oreille School District’s Nursing Department is dedicated to:

  • Evaluating and managing the health needs of all Students

  • Providing Student screening to check for things such as vision, hearing, lice, etc.

  • Monitoring immunizations and reports

  • Managing the surveillance of communicable diseases

  • Supervising and managing medication administration as prescribed by the Student’s Medical Provider

  • Assessing and triaging Students for applicable treatment or referral for injuries when staff is available

  • Involvement with Student 504 or IEP Accommodation Plans as needed

  • Development of individual health care plans for chronic medical conditions

  • Training district staff in care of Students with health conditions, CPR, and basic first aid

  • Classes on health curriculum such as hand hygiene, dental health, growth & development, and hygiene health (grade dependent)

  • Assist Students in maintaining, improving, or adapting to their health status

How can you help the School Nursing Department?

  • Making sure the Nurse knows if your Student has any health conditions (diabetes, asthma, seizures, etc.) or if they need any nursing services while in school

  • Communicating with the Nurse if medication or health needs change

  • Providing your Student’s School Secretary with a copy of your child’s up to date immunization record

  • Updating your Student’s emergency contact information so the school can always reach you

  • Lastly, to fill out a yearly Medical Release form for your Student

Please note- If your Student has a chronic medical condition, the School Nurse needs current medical documentation from your Primary Care Provider if your child will require medication or medical procedures while at school. Please find the appropriate forms below for your child's chronic medical condition. These will need to be updated annually.

Department Staff

  • Direct Nursing line 208-263-5622,

  • Brenna Petro (RN- MSN) - (208) 263-2184 ext. 1209, (208) 610-9847 (Mobile)

  • Jon Henry (RN) - (208) 263-2184 ext. 1220, (208) 610-7819 (Mobile)

  • Skyla Champion (CNA) - (208) 263-2184 ext. 1207