Technology provide sustainable, creative and innovated technology base education for our students, and services for our faculty and staff...


The Technology Department exists as a piece of a larger group whose sole purpose is to provide a quality education to the children of this community. In an ever evolving technological landscape, we have the great responsibility of providing sustainable, creative and innovative technology based services to the students, faculty and staff of this school district. As a group we must identify the best solution, plan the best implementation, and proivde the best service to support it.

Core Values

    1. We are resourceful, innovative and creative.

    2. We offer outstanding services and strive for an excellent reputation.

    3. We create and follow best practices, doing it right every time.

    4. We are a team and can only function if we are all moving together in the same direction.

    5. We are responsible, leaving it better than we found it.

    6. We listen well and over communicate, following up so there are no misunderstandings.

    7. We are good stewards with the public funds entrusted to us.

    8. We conduct ourselves with integrity.

Department Staff