Long Range Facility Planning Committee

The Long Range Facility Planning Committee (LRFPC) meets monthly to actively develop a proposed plan addressing deficient and unsafe building conditions within the school district. In response to community feedback highlighting the need for safety improvements and addressing the aging infrastructure of educational facilities, the committee has been established to prioritize facility needs. It operates as a sub-committee of the LPOSD Board of Trustees.

Currently, the committee is engaged in reviewing building conditions, exploring funding options, analyzing enrollment trends, and assessing construction and renovation costs. For additional details about the sub-committee's work, please refer to the running agenda.

The ultimate goal by fall is to determine a plan that addresses the committee’s key identified needs. This plan will be presented to the Board of Trustees for consideration. Stay informed by watching the video below to learn more about the committee's purpose and recent activities.

Long Range Facility Planning Committee Members & Agenda

Long Range Facility Planning Committee Members
LRFPC - 2023-24 Running Agenda