Superintendent Messages

May Superintendent's Message - 5/31/23

Dear LPOSD Families, 

Thank you for your patience as we work through the pre-registration process in our new student information system.  If you have not pre-registered your child(ren), please do so ASAP.  I know it seems cumbersome, but we are trying to get our LPOSD students pre-registered before the new Open Enrollment law, passed by the Idaho Legislature this spring, allows out-of-district families to enroll their students in our district.  It is VERY important we get your child(ren)’s spot SAVED.  If you have any questions, please review the pre-registration document to help you navigate this new process. 

It is super important to me that I collect parent feedback each year so we can celebrate our strengths and use your feedback to address areas in need of improvement.  This is a very short survey - it will take you less than five minutes to complete.  Please click HERE and complete the survey before you read any farther in this month’s LOOP 💗 - Thank you, bwm 

Dr. Becky W. Meyer, Superintendent 

May Edition of The Loop 

April Superintendent's Message - 4/28/23

Dear LPOSD Families,

As we slide into May, spring is definitely blossoming in our area.  It is so refreshing to see kids outside playing in the beautiful sunshine ☀️ and warmer weather!  One of my favorite family traditions, May Day 💐, will be here on Monday, May 1st.  When my kids were growing up, we would pick wildflowers, wrap them in pretty ribbon and then the kids would set them on the neighbor’s front porch, ring the doorbell and run away.  What fun this May Day 💐 tradition is - super fun for kids and a pleasant surprise for neighbors 😊.  Give it a try and see smiles spread 😁🌷

Parents have the opportunity to help support our focus on measuring annual student academic growth (through the ISATs and IRI assessments).  Students who get their sleep, eat a nutritious breakfast, and are able to give it their best, are bound to demonstrate their true measure of growth this year.  We are excited to see where students have surpassed expectations and where we, as a district, need to focus our efforts to address unfinished learning gaps.  Thank you for supporting healthy student habits as we move into the end of year assessment period, bwm   

Dr. Becky W. Meyer, Superintendent  

April Edition of the Loop 

March Superintendent's Message - 3/31/23

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

What a fun morning last week at our first Community Coffee Klatch ☕️ - thank you to the parents/patrons who attended and asked great questions! We have scheduled the next one in May (more details below).  Several folks asked about our upcoming budget, staffing cuts, legislative budget cuts, and the timeline. It can definitely be confusing when the media reports an increase in education funding and staffing allocations, but Federal ESSER funds utilized for staffing are depleted, the state is moving from enrollment funding back to ADA (average daily attendance), which is a decrease of almost $1.7million in our district, and we must present a balanced budget to the Board on April 11.  If you would like to learn more, read our CFO’s piece below. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out so we can clarify all the steps that have gone into the district’s budget development. 

Enjoy Spring Break - I hope your family takes time to unplug, spend time together, and soak up the beauty in our corner of the world 💗!  

We look forward to 4th quarter, ISATs, and plenty of learning time when we return, bwm 

Dr. Becky W Meyer, Superintendent 

March Edition of The LPOSD Loop

Posted 2-28-2023

Please see this month's video message about weather-related school closure policy and student-led conferences on March 10. 

February 2023 Loop

Posted 1-31-2023

Dear LPOSD Families,

I am so excited for you to read the first DRAFT of our 5-year Strategic Plan.  Countless hours by many groups and individuals have gone into the formulation of this DRAFT – the community, parents, staff, and students.  We offered several community forums, focus groups, and online input survey. Every single person in the community was afforded the opportunity to help set the direction of the District for the next five years.  As I re-read through all of the input in the survey, one major theme kept popping out at me:  people who live here truly care and want to provide a safe and quality environment for our students. What an honor to be part of this community 💗  Take a quick moment to peruse the DRAFT and let me know what you think before the first iteration goes to the Board for review at the February 14, 2023 Board meeting.  Thank you for your support during my first half of the school year - super grateful, bwm 

Dr. Becky W. Meyer, Superintendent  

January 2023 Loop

Posted 12-21-2022

Click here to see Dr. Meyer's December video message! 

December Loop 2022 

Posted 11-30-2022

Dear LPOSD Families - 

My how the time has flown by this fall!  Seems like in a blink of an eye we have gone from sunny skies to mounds of plowed snow on the sides of our driveways and school parking lots! ❄️

Much gratitude to all the families who took time to give us your input regarding our next 5-year Strategic Plan.  We received 994 surveys from parents, staff, students, and community members.  Our next step is to synthesize the feedback and create central themes from the responses that identify stakeholder priorities.  A draft will be shared in January in order for you to provide feedback before the recommended Strategic Plan goes to the Board of Trustees for approval in March.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions as we progress through the stages of building a collaborative plan.  We look forward to working together - thank you, bwm 

Dr. Becky W. Meyer, Superintendent  

November Loop 2022

Posted 10-30-2022

Click here to see a video message for October from Dr. Meyer! 

October EduBlog  

Posted 9-30-2022

Dear LPOSD Families - 

What a terrific start to our year!  Every day I see students engaged at school – reading, calculating math problems, creating art, connecting with their peers at lunch, playing kickball outside, and much more.  When I talk with students, they are genuinely happy to be back at school.  It is so inspiring to see young minds eager to learn and grow 😁.   

Much gratitude to all the families that attended one of our three Community Input Forums last week.  Getting to meet you, hear your concerns, answer questions, and talk face-to-face was truly invaluable.  We look forward to reading the input and working together to build our District’s next 5-year Strategic Plan.  If you have not had the opportunity to complete the survey, take less than 10 minutes and access the survey HERE.  Your opinion matters - thank you, bwm 

Dr. Becky W. Meyer, Superintendent     

The Loop - September 2022 Edublog 

Posted 8-31-2022

Dear LPOSD Families, 

We hope your students are as excited as our staff to start school next week!  The first day of school is always so special, no matter what your age 😉.  As we begin the 2022-23 school year, our focus will be on school safety and security, gathering community input for our new 5-year Strategic Plan, and providing a supportive learning environment for all students. The District Safety Task Force (DSTF), which includes parents, law enforcement, first responders and administrators, had a very busy summer working to implement priorities identified as immediate (see our DSTF Board presentation for more detail).  

Thank you for supporting our efforts to ensure every one of our students has a safe and secure learning environment.  If you have not had the opportunity to give us your input regarding school safety, please take a moment to fill out the survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NVWSLT5.  

I wish you a fun-filled Labor Day weekend with your family as you soak up the last days of summer break☀️, bwm 

Dr. Becky W. Meyer, Superintendent   

August Edition of The Loop - Volume 2 of LPOSD's "Edublog" 

Posted 7-29-2022

Dear LPOSD Families - 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first month immersing myself back into the LPOSD community.  I have been impressed with the level of community involvement and care for the school district.  With the goal of open communication and transparency, we are starting a monthly Edublog called The Loop, which will be emailed out to all parents, staff, and interested patrons.  The first one is linked below.  Let me know what you think.  I would love for you to take a moment to fill out the school safety survey for our District Safety Task Force (linked into the Edublog) - your perspective matters.  Thanks for your interest and involvement in our District, bwm 

Superintendent Transition Plan of Action 2022-2023

Dr. Becky W. Meyer, Superintendent 

The Loop - July 2022 Edublog 

Posted 7-5-2022

LPOSD families, 

I am thrilled to be back home again and be able to serve as the next Superintendent for the Lake Pend Oreille School District.  I look forward to reacquainting myself with the community, as well as meeting all of the new folks.  It is a special community - small enough to know people by name, diverse enough to enjoy a wide variety of perspectives, and strong enough to always do what is right for kids. I am blessed to be back home again!  

Parent-school connections are a key component in creating a quality learning environment for all students. I look forward to working in partnership with our LPOSD families.  One of the first items I have been tasked with is to gather stakeholder input to develop a new 5-year Strategic Plan, as the current one is expiring this year.  To collect parent and patron input we will be sending out a survey this fall, as well as hosting Community Input Forums.  More information to follow this summer.  I also initiated a District Safety Task Force to assess and address school safety and security.  After our initial meeting next week, we will create communication lines to keep the parents and community in the loop and gather your input.  

Dr. Becky Meyer

Superintendent of Lake Pend Oreille School District